Dominique and Sue have decades of combined experience on stage and in the classroom and are committed to helping students liberate themselves from fear so they can be their bright, authentic selves on stage.

Choose your adventure.


Danger zone!

Welcome to the danger zone! Making dances and performing on stage can be scary stuff. This workshop is about getting fearless. We'll be looking at how we can make surpringly complex dances out of simple elements, and we'll focus on getting out of our heads and into our bodies so we can dance the hell out of what we've made. Feeling brave? Participants will have the opportunity to perform our new piece. Ready for some danger? Say Yes. 


You Complete Me: Fresh Duet Effects

Get your cosmic mindmeld on! This workshop helps install the psychic uplink between dance partners that results in seamless duet work, as if one thought is travelling through two bodies. We'll explore ways to read your partner's most subtle cues, and we'll work through our toolbox of favourite partner tricks. Bring a partner or make a new best friend on the day.


Tough Love: Strong & Sexy Combos

Fresh combos from the Cult of Yes lab! This is our signature style: sleek and sinuous with plenty of sharp edges to keep it tough. We'll cram lots of material into our time together, you'll leave sweaty and full of crisp new moves to take home with you.

Cult of yes4.jpg

Cram Session: A Performance Micro-intensive

Sometimes you have weeks to study for a test, and sometimes you have to cram. Sometimes you have months to build a performance and sometimes you have...two hours. Yeah, we're going to make a dance in two hours and then we're going to perform it together, in front of an audience. Scared? Don't be. This workshop is like the training montage in a movie: we'll go from zero to badass lickety split. This workshop will show us how we can use just a few patterns and motifs, and play with speed, levels, intention, and quality of movement to create a compelling choreography. Let's do this.