Born on a mountaintop under the summer solstice sunrise of 2013, Cult of Yes is a little bit witchcraft and a lotta weirdo. Sharing a love for adventure and really great music, the Montreal unorthodox bellydance duo now travels near and far, bringing unusual dances and searching for fresh movement, good times and kindred spirits. Dominique and Sue are a pair of slippery fish, hard to pin down and always on the move. Parties have been known to spring up wherever they step. 


Sue Snyder

Sue Snyder is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher with deep roots in the Montreal bellydance community. She has toured internationally with fusion duo Cult of Yes and is a founding member of ITS Alive!, a collective dedicated to group improvisation. Sue has been producing bellydance events in Montreal since 2009 and is a board member for Tribal Momentum Festival.


Dominique Senécal

Dominique is a performer with a penchant for fusion and straight-up weird bellydance. You can catch her performing with her cosmic twin as Cult of Yes, with improv collective ITS Alive!, and with various local live bands. She has been dancing on stage and screen for over fifteen years, and is one of the founding members and organizers of the Tribal Momentum Festival. Currently, she dances, teaches, travels, produces shows, plays bass, translates, does simultaneous interpretation, and collaborates with all sorts of lovely humans and freaks.